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We enjoy receiving feedback from our clients, below are the feedback that have been place by clients that have purchased items from us in the past.

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Feedback and comment

29 Jul 2011 - The Tangata Family, Australia

Hi Clint..on behalf of my husband  i we would like to sey thank you soo mch da key has arrived we cant believe the at work yuve done on it especially for the such a short tyme we gave you. Its beautiful its more then wot we expected- dnt worry we will be recommending yur work to frends famz..God has blessed yu wif a great gift..THANK YU once agen...The Tangata family.

02 Mar 2011 - Pio, Wellington. NZ

I received the uke today, its absolutely fabulous, I could not have asked for a better instrument. Please pass on my gratitude and sincere thanks to Clinton for his skilful artwork.

02 Feb 2011 - Annie, Auckland. NZ

Kia Orana Clinton, Aue .... I'm still recovering from my daughters 21st. It was a great success, where family and friends had a great time. Seeing the awe in their faces as she unveiled her paddle/key. It was awesome. We have no doubt, recommended your artistic values and talent to many of our family & friends whom were asking who the carver was/is. There are no words to express how much we thank you for carving a wonderful representation of our daughter, her family ties & her roots, especially in the time you persevered with your illness, you managed to finish the paddle/key. Well, that’s another one down, 3 more to go… (never know…) Many many thanks Clinton. Aue, Akameitaki atu nei matou ia koe no te tauturu maata!! He anga’anga meitaki!

08 Jan 2011 - Robbie, Hawera. NZ

Hi Clinton,
Key arrived today and its awesome. We were looking for something different and we certainly got that. It will be great to see my sons face when he receives it next Saturday. I will recommend you to everyone at the party when I make my speech.

04 Sep 2010 - Remi, Melbourne. Australia

Received the ukulele and a big thank you. Sorry kua maki teia ukulele the moment I touch it's starts to sing, Clinton thank you very much loving it very much. Party time now goes with my guitar with H2O. Meitaki atupaka

09 Aug 2010 - Amy, Gisborne. New Zealand

Hey Clinton. I just thought I have been meaning to email you for ages, but have been a slacker. I just want to say that I am so happy with the ukelele that you made. I actually had some 1 guage nylon strings put on it as it will be used for a fair few guitar parties, and the lighter strings would most likely have broken!! :p It was a bit of an experiment, but has worked really really well. It is really really loud now (it was loud before too tho) and now the strings have stretched it stays in tune really well. I have been playing it quite a bit, and everyone in my whanau is pretty impressed with the sound! I think that by having the sound holes at the front help big time too!! Anyway, it is a gift for my partner...so unfortunately I have to give it away, but I know that he will absolutely love it, not only coz its something a bit different, but also because it sounds awesome!!
So I thought you would just like the feedback, and I wanted to say many many THANKS!!

22 Jun 2010 - Erina, Waitakere City. New Zealand

Absolutely stoked with the Ukulele. Has a great sound and is a joy to play. Thanks so much..

15 Oct 2009 - Marama, Porirua. New Zealand

Sorry (Arohamai) for delay. Clinton, The design of the key is truly amazing and has the WOW factor. Your interpretation of my daughters values, strengths and character were spot on and Corina loved her 21st key. You have a gift and are a very talented person. The key proves that you have real passion for your mahi (work) as your interpretation is very personal and special. I appreciate your commitment and hard work to meet our tight deadline. Truly a masterpiece!!! 

3 Aug 2009 - Jackie, Kapiti. New Zealand

Arrived safely today. Its absolutely stunning, you are very talented. Thanks so much my son will be so please. Highly recommend this man talent :o) 

3 Aug 2009 - Jackie, Kapiti. New Zealand

***Clinton you have out-done yourself with excellence!!! In this time of age - It is very hard to find a carver as yourself who puts "Love & Passion" as you have into your carvings**** SUCH AN EXCELLENT,BEAUTIFUL KEY****THANK YOU SO MUCH - YOU WILL MAKE HER GRANDFATHER PROUD TO HAND THIS KEY TO THE B'DAY GIRL ON HER 21ST DINNER NITE THIS WEEK.....THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! 

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