Tribal Designz welcomes and greets you.  Tribal Designz can create the perfect customised and unique gift for you or your loved ones. 

Tribal Designz are specialists in creating Polynesian and Pacific Islands designs and arts and crafts.


We take pride in our designs in creating memorable, special and customized artifacts..



Please take a moment to browse through our page and send us an email if you are interested in getting yourself one.


Cook Islands &Tahitian Ukulele


We create our own style of high quality sounding ukulele (ukurere).

21 Birthday Keys


 21 st birthday key, fiji style

Please browse through our gallery to view other 21st birthday keys, birthday keys that we have created. These 21st birthday keys are unique and customised.

Holiday in Aitutaki, Cook Is.

Aitutaki Beach Villas
Aitutaki Beach Villas for a tropical, relaxing and romantic holiday.

World Class Entertainment

Anuanua Dance Troupe for Cook Islands dance and cultural entertainment